Posted by: SM | June 15, 2009

Ell Raiser


Some good afternoon fun has come my way over the last few days and after all the crappy downbeat updates I think it’s important to bring attention to the ones that go well. We had a family get together in Mum and Dad’s garden on Sunday, Elliot (who is currently up to 3 teeth and 4 steps) crawled around the garden and the sun was out! We’ve got the poor lad brainwashed though because every time he heard any tapping he instantly stopped crawling, sat and waved to the bunny because he knows that we tap on the window to get the bunny’s attention and feed it.

I’ve got this horrible feeling that Ell will be on a bus to school one day in the future and someone will tap on the seat or something, instantly he will look around and wave and have no idea why! Brainwashing, baby style! Fab.

Elliot and my mum came round today, she looks after him on Mondays and Fridays while Diane is at work. Elliot and my carpet shared fish pie, he played with keys and then got tired so they both went home. Really nice to see them both!

That little boy is loved by a lot of people. He is lucky and so are we.


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