Posted by: SM | June 13, 2009


Morning all,

Has anyone else discovered that Adobe Flash Player no longer works and the ‘updated player’ doesn’t install? The instructions on how to get around this issue are available to view on their website but I’m buggered if I can make head nor tale of them. It involves re-writing Windows registry permissions or something, and it says the line “If you are not comfortable editing the registry, then take your system to a professional” which freaks me out straight away so I’m going nowhere near it.

Youtube videos, Facebook video posts, and fuck it, good ole porn…all gone unless I know how to re-write computer bollocks!

Not impressed. If anyone reading this has half an idea what to do, get in touch via the usual means and I will bow to your greatness.

In a bit

Moulty x



  1. Simon, you don’t need to mess about with the registry, download CCleaner from here;

    And it will find inconsistencies within the registry and delete them, you should then be able to view YouTube and so on.

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