Posted by: SM | October 29, 2008

This Can Count As Fanmail

I had a few smiles today, not had many of those recently but I do think hanging around Eliot was fab and so because of that I put my arse back on the radio show that I used to do. It went well.

Daniel came back this afternoon, watched more Two Pints and has been in his bed ever since…naturally induced sleep I am sure.

Just when I was fearing the come down after the major high that was the radio thing, a friend of mine wrote to me and it meant a lot so I think it should go here so I remember it.

“Blimey, you’re so prolific, so articulate, so passionate about everything you write about. You’re definitely too good for that company, in fact, your life is too big to be contained by a job like that.  I know, I was in a similar situation at my old job.


If I can find paid work doing the thing I love most at my time of life, I just know a determined young stripling like you will do it!! And what you’ve just written is bang on – you will have to make it happen – just believe you can – ‘cos you can.”

Peace, Love and Soul

Moulty x


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