Posted by: SM | October 27, 2008

For Everyone That is Asking Why…

I resigned from my job at around 10.30am this morning after a long official and un-official chat with my boss. The official bit was that I had a new two days by which to hit and maintain the targets I was set, thus keeping my job. If any part of the action plan was not achieved by Wednesday at 5pm I would have my contract with the company terminated and that would be that.

Unofficially, doubts still hung around as to whether I was capable of hitting these targets and I spoke to the man at length about my options before his metaphorical tie came off and he levelled with me. “I don’t think you are going to do it, and I don’t think you should continue doing this to yourself. The choice is yours, don’t see it as giving up, see it as acceptance that this isn’t for you. ”

The upshot is, the company on Wednesday at 5pm would have failed my probationary period and sacked me. They would have withheld any references as is their right. So yes, I chose to go with the good grace of a company that knows I worked very very hard for them in trying circumstances and by doing so, I earnt the respect of everyone there.

I had handshakes and tears from the people I worked for, I took this as far as I could and if I had taken it to the termination point, all good will would have evaporated. I would not have even been discussed by the company.

People ask me what I will say when future employers see a term of three months and a glowing reference. I will say, I was only with them for that time because the job wasn’t for me but in that time look at what impact I made on these people and look at the words they say about me.

My soul is devastated but happy that I made the choice, the only choice in the end that was open to me.

Peace, Love and Soul




  1. Hi Simon, I’m sorry to hear about the job, I hope you get something soon and it’s their loss. I hope you’re ok regardless, you’ve been through worse, just think back to Arvato, surely it’s a step up from that shit hole. Take it easy mate.

  2. Good on you. Sounds like you handled it exceptionally well and the respect of your colleagues is well-placed. Sometimes it just isn’t the right job at the right time in the right place. You have what it takes to land in a better spot. Best of luck.

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