Posted by: SM | October 26, 2008

I Feel Cold But I’m Back in the Fire!

Good evening,

The last few days I’ve been with Bury’s favourite chav and the North West’s most wanted and star of CCTV…my brother Daniel.

It’s hard to match the boy that has all that going on, with the brother that is currently huddled up on my sofa watching comedy and laughing like he hasn’t seen TV for ages. This is the lad we don’t see very often, and he is the one that I haven’t even seen to often even here…because before too long the comedy is over and Sky is showing one of those ‘craziest criminal’ shows. That’s when me and Daniel part ways, he sits there and shouts at the TV advice about how the lads getting arrested could have avoided their fate.

It’s all that “Nah, you’re allowed to swear at Police three times before they can arrest ya!” Also the fact that he was actively scanning the show to see if it included anyone he knew…. THAT’S the Daniel I don’t like. I do keep hoping to see more and more of the Daniel I love. While Mum and Dad are away it’s an important time for him.

Tomorrow could also be my last day with my current employer. They seem insistant on ‘managing me out of the company’ and I’m insistant on trying my best and giving one hundred percent to the cause, until they tell me it’s hopeless. I will know that when the time comes to end our association, I will have given everything I have to give.

The fat lady may not be singing yet, but I think she is clearing her throat.

Moulty x


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