Posted by: SM | October 15, 2008

A Dabadoo Time…

So I should have known when I went to Pride and stayed til 4.30am, and I should have known when the guys that were coming up to me to take me away didn’t really get any objection. But I make no apologies for liking Sweet Home Alabama or Josh Lucas, that’s just common sense really. He is hot!

I’m bisexual*, the biology works my friends, it clicks with me and I don’t know where the hell it came from but it’s put me right smack in the middle of a fence I used to be on the one side of. I tried to ignore it, I tried to disprove it, but the more I went out the more I looked in their direction. The more smiles I had, the more family thought it was because I had moved back closer to them, and not coz I was buzzing after attention from gorgeous people. The smiles went away and I got really stressed and realised that I wasn’t going to be happy until I had told the family, so I did. Tonight.

For all the issues with our Daniel at the moment, special mention must go to him because of the family members he knew on Sunday and I figured it might help him to know that I was going through shit as well. He played a blinder tonight, figuring out a way for me to mince in my wheelchair… I laughed like a drain. My mum did the whole fretting about grandchildren thing until I told her that the chances had merely halved…

I’m hoping everyone in the family eventually takes it as well as those two did. I understand why some may ot have done and I think I caught them at a down moment but the fact is I have been wrestling with this for months and it felt good to finally say that I am bisexual *

As I said, I’m fucked if I know where it has come from. One minute you like the girls the next minute some guy is wanting a picture with you and you consider it, and all of a sudden months later you find you are looking in two directions where there was once only one.

To everyone that knew, thanks for helping me figure it out. To everyone that didn’t know, SURPRISE! To everyone that didn’t know what to say, I get it, believe me… and for everyone who counts… thanks for the support. Those people know who they are.

I have said before, that I probably ended up asking more questions after I moved from Liverpool, instead of finding answers. Hopefully now that all makes sense and I can move on now to whatever comes next with this realisation. All I know is I was buzzing when I felt an attraction, then I felt shitty when I realised that people would have to find out…but now that’s done and I can be all smiley again.

Peace, Love and Being True,


Moulty x

* as bi sexual as Elton John.

But forgive me, because when I first wrote this for the site it was easier to ease people into accepting that than it was to pull the Gay card. Consider the bisexual completely renounced, again much like Elton John. He can play a better piano than me though 🙂


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