Posted by: SM | October 12, 2008

And If There’s Something You’d Like To Try…Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me!

Good evening beautiful people!

Things are good in Moulty World tonight, having Saturday and Sunday off work is definitely a good thing and inspires the goodness. I got caught up with friends, made new ones who are very very my kind of people. I’m well and truly off the leash, the smiles are back and the problems are gone.

Daniel and I had time to shoot the shit tonight as well which was cool coz it was a re-connection that everyone wanted and hopefully did us both good. All the way through our lives we always go to people that are older than ourselves, people go to me, I go to my cousin, my cousin goes to my mum… its a cycle. Each person experiences life like they are the first person ever to fuck up like that, whatever way that be… speaking to someone reassures you that you’re not the first, and that you should just do your best and hope that you have friends to hold on to your kite string.

At least for now, let’s see what tomorrow brings in the business, but after this weekend I am not afraid of anything, bring it on.

Peace, Love, Bye, Give A Yawn!

Moulty x


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