Posted by: SM | October 9, 2008

Meander to Your Dander

What a difference a day makes! We all got our teams today, all except yours truly who STILL hasn’t been signed off Stage Two training. It’s not through lack of trying either, I’ve tried and other people have even passed their leads to me which was really cool, one such ‘nailed on’ chance turned out not to be because the person involved didn’t want to go through the process! Going through the process is exactly the type of thing that can get a guy signed off Stage Two and on to a team.

As it happens, that didn’t happen and I had to feel like shit listening to everyone else being excited about moving on. I couldn’t speak, I just wanted to get out of that bloody room and away from everyone, Holly even offered to jump up and down so I could marvel at her chest but even THAT didn’t end the grump. I’m so upset by it still, even tomorrow when everyone on the team is handing me ‘nailed on’ leads to get me signed off and where i should be, I’ll still feel like crap.

The friends I have made are very very good ones and I think working without them will be very hard. There is also the very real feeling of rejection, the same one we had as a team when we were told at the start of the week that no one in the buisness wanted us. Well, we worked really hard and got the monkey off our back and got the business wanting us, well, the others. Yep, I can’t tell you how it feels to have the same feeling I had on Monday when the group felt down, this time knowing it’s just me that isn’t up to scratch for the business.

Tomorrow is another day and I will work as hard as I can to find myself a lead on which to get signed off and out of Academy with the rest of the guys, Holly reckons they are all gonna try hard to find me that as well. I don’t know how I feel about it, but if tomorrow night I’m signed off and can leave Academy and go with the group into the big wide world of the business then it will all be worth it.

Peace, Love and Not Quite Making The Grade!




  1. Wish you’d stuck with Arvato? It’s the same with all these customer facing jobs these days, you have to pass muster, when in a real scenario you know you can do it. I was in Arvato the other week, I went to see Sue and a few people, loads have left, it’s as shite, if not worse now. Hope you’re keeping well anyway.

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