Posted by: SM | October 8, 2008

To Be Where There’s Life

I’m so conflicted at the moment it’s really quite funny. I’m trying to have as much fun as I can, whenever I can, in all the places I can with all the friends that I can. At the same time the family is going through some issues, and in the work life we have certainly hit the down part of the cycle.



I have got myself into an ace pattern of being able to go out on the piss and not come home, the first time it scared the nearest and dearest a bit, but now it’s accepted. I like that, it’s liberating and I’ve made great friends as a result of my apparent dedication to alcohol. The variation of the nights out is matched by the colour of the drinks I have drunk when everyone got fed up of my usual order of JD and coke.

Work is very hard, not least because the pressure at the moment has got very high and I STILL havent been signed off the final stage of training. It’s never good to hear that as a training group, you’re not good enough to fully move over to the business. Whether or not it is a technique to make us work harder is something up for debate, but we are taking it as real and we are working our guts off to prove any doubters wrong. As I said, it’s a win win for the company.

While some around me are revelling in a situation similar to me, one of new found freedom, others are experiencing more of the downside of life. The family seem determined not to let any issue get to them the same way as it did before but the issues are there with all of us, individually. Dad feels it, Mum feels it, I feel it, Daniel feels it.

I’m looking forward to a fab weekend, I don’t know what will happen for most of it, but that is sort of the point. It will involve a mooch round to the parents’ house for a brew at some point I reckon and between that let us carry on having fun. The way I have come to think of it, the serious shit happens whether you want it to or not, you need to plan for the fun stuff despite it (or even because of it).

Peace Love and Life



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