Posted by: SM | October 8, 2008

Falling down on all that I’ve ever known

Honestly, I don’t really know what to make of the last few days. Shit has happened to Daniel, most of it is of his own making and it really dissapoints me and those around him. Having spoken to him, it’s not good to hear him speak the way he does about the way he feels and I am trying to be there for him like I always have tried to be. The difficulty is me getting my head around what he did, hating the act and dissaproving of the person but still being able to look him in the eye and help him through what he is feeling now. Whatever I feel about his actions, he is at the most basic level, family and get my head round it I must.

The last thing we need is brothers not talking to eachother. The good thing is I’ve told Daniel how I feel, he fucked up and he knows it. So I guess the thing is not to bring that up anymore and move on to wherever we are going. I’m not getting drawn into the way Mum and Dad are dealing with things, Dad seems to think that I hold a certain opinion on the events and specifically his reaction to them. I don’t. My head is a lot better when I am away from those types of opinions.

Daniel isn’t the only one to be affected by those events and my eyes and head goes out to everyone involved. I’m hoping that everyone comes out of these events through the other side, taking from it whatever they need.

I really don’t enjoy talking about those issues, I’ll quite happily focus on the ‘moving on’ part of helping those close to me move on.

Peace, Love, Family and Friends



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