Posted by: SM | September 14, 2008

Finding New Questions

It is a very good job that I didn’t move from Liverpool back here, in an effort to find answers to questions. I knew it would not be the answer to everything, I knew that viewing it as a val hala would have been wrong. Even with this already in my head though, I am amazed at how wrong I still managed to be.

Coming back hasn’t only NOT answered questions I already wanted to answer, it’s made me ask different bloody questions! Everything I knew is upside down, the possibilities are endless and I both like that and it scares the shit out of me. I’m lucky to have people around me that understand, and the suprising thing is that they aren’t the people you’d expect them to be.

New friends have made me see things differently, and I have grown closer to the friends I already had. Maybe the whole point of this thing is not to find the answers, never to find the answers…only to find new questions that take you somewhere new.

“In life some people have to make choices, make a leap into the unknown. Some people don’t make that vital leap because they are scared of what might happen if they do but I think if you don’t leap you are stopping yourself from becoming who you are meant to be!”


Miss T

Peace Love and Soul




  1. You’ve said you are moving and now you haven’t, make your fucking mind up, lol

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