Posted by: SM | September 5, 2008

Keep the Line Moving

So the plan is now that I’m back online and firmly relocated, I’m going to spill more of my guts here. I got so bogged down in serious shit over in Liverpool that it was like I was in the colourful part of the Wizard of Oz when I moved back to Bury.

I could sit here and rake over the weeks and what happened in each of them since last I wrote but I won’t, safe to say though I made the right choice moving. My flat is still a crap hole but that’s because of leaks and doors that were broken before I moved in, a slight holding back of rent might fix the problems quite quickly I think. It’s also nice to keep hold of rent money for a month, I’m looking forward to the moment when It’s okay to spend it…I kind of have to be sensible and keep it in my account at the moment.

Ah yes, accounts…new employers, new friends and all that! All of that is going extremely well, new friends are wonderful and there are a few I’m fond of, I pay a few of them the highest compliment I know… either I would or I have already gone out drinking with them. Nights are fuzzy and memories are blurry, it involved a lot of whiskey, losing my phone and not actually coming home for about a day. Ah good times! All that and I worked the next day…legendary.

Now THAT is why I moved… Taz turning all colours of the rainbow was equally very funny.

Congratulations go to my Daniel, who got a job as an Apprentice Butcher and starts bringing in the dough on Monday…drop us a sirloin steak so we can get it for free will ya lad??

Peace, Love and Soul



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