Posted by: SM | July 17, 2008

Siam Siam Siam! Siam!

Since I have but a few days left here in Liverpool, Daniel and Claire have joined me and it is great having them along, it’s nice to have people waiting for you when you come back from work. It’s not so lonely. My Part 1 Leaving Do was last night and apparently a good night was had by all. I drank a great many Lynchburg Lemonades, which went down a treat with those in attendance.

At some point Daniel, Claire and I left so that I could purchase more Jack and that’s where it all goes hazy because as you know, I’m fine drinking and drinking until I stand up and once that has happened I’m royally cabbaged. I ended up in the middle of the main road by my house, which is a good way to end any occasion. I have grazes and bruises and my head was fuzzy this morning so I didn’t go in to work, apparently some of the other guys wish they hadn’t gone in either.

I don’t remember too much about the food. I do know that two of my friends took the third home, and Daniel and I remained drinking until about 3am. Top choons, top company and a great first leaving party to kick off the second one on Saturday.

I’m loving having botth of them here, and I know that when they leave I won’t be far behind them. Soon enough now, a new chapter begins in Bury.


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