Posted by: SM | June 4, 2008

People and Places

 Sometimes sitting somewhere and worrying won’t get you anywhere, but knowing that to be true doesn’t stop you worrying. Thankfully I know that for the next few days at least my next move is out of my control. This is because I have done my bit for people, and I have been able to give them all the information they have requested of me. It is now up to those people to do what they have to do with the information and get back to me, so that I can go to people here and inform them of things if that is to be the way of things.

If nothing comes of the work I have done and the information I have provided, then I will also know this in due course.

This is really my way of sitting on the fence as I play the waiting game, trying not to be tense and trying not to second guess anything. It’s all out of my control now, they have every piece of the puzzle and now we have to wait.

I hate waiting, did I mention that?

While I’m still here and the people here are still important, I was glad to hear today that I have impressed in the months since my last evaluation. I have things to work on before the next evaluation but as our interactions with eachother in recent weeks have been somewhat negative, I was pleased with the outcome. It’s never nice to hear that the boss is dissapointed, and the way both of us handle those kinds of vibes is important. I’m one of those people that takes it all inside and lets it eat at them for a while, I really have to work on hearing negative news and not taking it personally, I should learn to brush it off because it threatens to bring everything else down with it. Of course, it would be shiny never to get any bad feedback in the first place, but sometimes these things happen.

Just because I am waiting to hear from other people, I am doing my best not to let these people down.

I have been saying I will tidy my place before the cleaner comes, but instead I think I will write this and go to bed. I’ve had a hard day after all. Learning more about an industry during a low point in work load, the timing could not be better.

Peace love and soul – Moulty x


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