Posted by: SM | April 20, 2008

King of My Castle

Okay so here’s a wacky thought, Simon spends four days in Bury gets very very happy and returns to Liverpool a new person, happy and secure in the knowledge that he has made up his mind to leave Liverpool and make the homecoming people have been wanting for ages.

I didn’t really get to celebrate my epiphany on account of being stuck with needles a few days after I got back and feeling after effects and stuff which kindly knocked me on my arse. Good stuff, so now I have to get the focus back, the focus I had a week ago almost exactly – to get a ticket out of this city and back home.

Home, as in the town and NOT by any means the family home. I’m fed up of it here, I’m fed up of everyone’s very sincere text messages about how nice I am and all that – it really wears thin after a while when you realise that if you didn’t make the effort, no one really would.

Bottom line is there are people to be around in Bury, and there are people who want me around as well. A few months on from my last update (sorry), its amazing how much nothing has changed. I have grown to detest things here much more than just become tieed of it.

Good friends will remain good friends wherever they are and if they don’t always call and they aren’t always there it’s not because they don’t like you anymore but mostly because they have their own lives. I realised when I was in Bury that I didn’t have my own life here anymore, I had things that I had set up with the idea to setting up a life here but then things happened and the first thing I thought to do was to stay here and keep the plates spinning – because I thought the plates were worth it.

I have realised they aren’t, I didn’t have a life here. The beginnings of whatever I had built were gone when things changed and from then I haven’t been building so much as maintaining the half built ruins.

It’s time to build a new castle, and be the King!

Peace love and Soul



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