Posted by: SM | March 10, 2008

We Are Family!

Went home for the weekend, had to do a few radio shows while I was there and those were mega I really enjoyed them and Daniel was, as always, a legend. I’m glad that side of him was recorded on the internet because enough people seem to have ideas about my brother and how he is. These people could do worse than check out the Blackpool video from last sumer, or the Friday Night Radio show me and him did.

I will say it ’till I am blue in the face, he is NOT a bad lad. He makes bad choices sometimes and has had to live with some consequences but this weekend for the most part all was good and the family was on top form – for most of it. I had a good enough time to realise that it is where I should be more often, Liverpool is nice and everything here is good but to go from a house where people want to see you to a house with just yourself for company is hard.

 I’m no expert though and I don’t know what is around the corner, I just wish for more happy days than sad ones and more easy days than stressful ones for all those concerned.

Mum, Dad, Daniel, me, even Claire have people around them in that house that care about what happens to us.

Before I get to the age where I need a mid-meal break from eating, I hope I have found someone to share all the madness with. More than a few false starts have happened here in Liverpool and I’m still trying to get my head around some of that but let’s be honest for one second, my brother doesn’t know how lucky he is to have found someone. Who knows what is going to happen in the future, that’s not what I mean by talking about this. I mean that both he and Claire put up with eachother in the highs and the lows and all the bits in between.

She’s lucky to have Daniel, Daniel’s lucky to have her and I’m lucky enough to know both of them!

I do wonder when it’s going to happen for me though, they can’t all be uncertain of what they want or feel the need to do one from my life when thing’s get tough.

Catch the shows…. www.ustream/moultytrack Every night from 7pm

Peace, Love and Soul to those that matter

Moulty x

PS. Whoever you were that contacted the radio show to say I was cute, I agree. Please say more things like that! lol


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