Posted by: SM | January 18, 2008

Birthday Weekender

Not as exciting as it sounds, trust me. The thing about living away from where you grew up is that you become like the Queen and you get to have two celebrations for your birthday. Either because your parents are busy on the weekend that surrounds your birthday or, no…that’s the only reason but at least you get two bites of the cherry.

Last year Arsenal beat Manchester United on my birthday and my Mum and Dad and Daniel came round with party food, it was a lot cooler than maybe I am making it sound. I’m told by those nearest and dearest to me that birthdays shouldn’t really be a big deal now for me, but I beg to differ and I want to celebrate as much as I can and certainly as much as I have the other ones.

Some years I haven’t celebrated because of personal events that chose round about that time to kick off, so since then I have done something – anything to not let the day go quietly.

This Year’s Plan

I bought the hat that I have wanted for ages, I bid and succeeded on a well known auction site so birthday present to self number 1 is in the bag.

I bought a hardback copy of The Grapes of Wrath because I am a Springsteen fan and love The Ghost of Tom Joad so I figured it was about time I read the inspiration.

I bought JFK Collectors Edition second hand, second hand copy of On The Trail of the Assassins and Crossfire the Plot That Killed Kennedy. I am an American nut and love all the historical aspects of the culture, some people argue that they have no history being such a young country, and that we have pubs older than their country. I know about their comparitive youth in the world but that is presicely what makes the American nation worth studying, a lot of may be young and brand new but it has crammed a lot into it while the country has been with us (and away from England, but also even before that…)

 The JFK conspiracy is an oldie but a goodie and the Jim Garrison Trail book was the book I read in Uni by choice, amongst all the other ones I had to read.

So possibly not the best way to spend the days before my birthday and maybe not everything I bought will arrive before the day itself but it’s my birthday and I’ll do whatever I want to. For the day itself the girl in question is going to be with me so that will be great.

The Birthday sesh next Friday night is by invitation only so if this is the first you are hearing about it, sorry. We wanted to keep the numbers down to the great and the good – but feel free to get pissed up with me any other night.

 All the best everyone!

Moulty x



  1. hahaha sounds like a brill plan simon lol !!!! the joy of life hehehehehehehe !!!!!1 =D

    well everything is all good today no arguments thank the lord jesus christ hehehe

    oh btw thoguht i wud let you no my theory that by the time you reach the age of 35 yoyu have to start needing a middle time break in the middle of your dinner mind you some guys just use it as an excuse to look down a girls top or to talk or summat lol

    claire thannks

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