Posted by: SM | January 3, 2008

Here Comes Another One, Just Like The Other One

So it’s a new year and we got there, does anyone feel any different?

I’m back at work and everyone has this dragging feeling to them. The other day my mate was telling me some of the reasons to ring in sick on Wednesday – I had thought about using one myself. One guy reckoned he had a broken leg until his boss told him that absence records showed he had actually broken more bones than actually exist in the human body!

In my case I have been through the down part of the new year many times and it’s usually because I have come back from a week at my Mum and Dad’s and the comedown to going back to myself and my own company. The on off thing with Sarah gets me down. She didn’t come to the party we had, she didn’t come for New Years Eve but fingers are crossed for this weekend. This thing isn’t like anything I have ever had before, she doesnt text me every day, and we don’t speak every day and for a while it bothered me and I thought it was never going to happen between us but for now I am willing to think that I’m just applying old ideas, and Sarah is extremely unique and I’m willing to see where this goes.

 It is, after all, a new year – it doesn’t have to be just like the other one all the time!

Peace. Love. Soul! Moulty x


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