Posted by: SM | December 31, 2007

Always Look On The Bright Side


So it’s new year and there is just over an hour to go until we are officially in 2008. I’m sat here drinking shite whisky and watching Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Now just think about that for a second, what a great sense of humour Channel Four must have. Sticking that film on at this time.

In my experience there are two groups of people at home now without a party to visit.

1 The Kevin McAllisters are the ones who have been left at home against their wishes, but have no choice because they don’t have any plans.2. The Roses Coffee Cremes are the ones that are intentionally left alone, either because they find New Year a difficult time or they just don’t like it for whatever reason.

The New Year premise is a bit of a weird one, after all. You may not want to forget old friends, it’s a restart but can often bring around thoughts that you don’t want to think but you do because its that time of year.

So anyway, these two groups find themselves at home either because they choose to be or they have no choice…and before long they are watching a film with the Always Look On The Bright Side of Life theme tune. Take it either way, I found it funny that I was singing those words at this time, home alone. Suddenly it didnt seem such a big deal.

The sun still sets and tomorrow it will rise, it’s a new year yes indeed BUT it’s a new day and nothing really changes unless you want it to. It seems to me that New Year can be whatever you want it to be. If you have had a shite year and you want the feeling of a brand new start that the Midnight stroke gives you then that’s in there too. If you don’t want to bother with the ‘event’ at all then that’s an option too.

Apologies for a rather bah humbug tone to the last post of the year but I said that this blog would capture every part of life.

I really do hope everybody has a nice New Years Eve and that everyone gets whatever they need from it.

Happy New blah blah blah! Moulty x



  1. “In my experience there are three groups of people at home now without a party to visit.”

    What happened to the third group of people, where they the Alzheimer’s group? You daft git, lol

    All the best for 2008 Simon, I hope you and your family have a great one.

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