Posted by: SM | December 25, 2007

So Here It Is…Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Christmas once again people, here’s hoping that you got everything you wanted from the big day, either physically or otherwise. Presents are great on days like this but the family thing is also mega important to me. Today has been funny because we went to see our Nanna again as we do every year, she was there with the pensioner massive explaining how one of the residents had fallen out with her because of some reasons best known to themselves. It was like listening to a load of primary school kids but she was soon back waiting for Santa and her Christmas dinner and we were out of the door in search of breathable non smelly air.

This Christmas hasn’t really been one for presents because mum and dad celebrated their pearl anniversary this month so the focus was there and they had been in America most of the month. I have heard ALL about that, and I’ve seen all the pictures of very interesting images each from slightly differing angles, worst still I had bought them a digital camera frame for their special year – presicely so that they could fill it with such pictures. The kind that only mean something to you if you were there.

At the end of the day, when you have seen it five million times, a cliff and blue sky is just a cliff and blue sky and it doesnt matter at all that it is the Grand Canyon.

Currently we are finding out that mum has had far too much Champagne and can’t take it. After some fairly interesting comments she pondered the inner workings of my brother, praised his choice of girlfriend and went to talk to John down the great white telephone.

I’m back in Liverpool for a day of work on Thursday and back in Bury on Thursday night. I don’t know whether Sarah is coming to the party on Saturday, I’m sure she’ll be fine with my family but I have to admit it I’m a little scared to see what mum says to her if she is anything like the funny little drunkard she has been tonight.

Anyway, peace and goodwill to all of you and all the best for the remainder of the day!



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