Posted by: SM | December 21, 2007

Justice for All

I’m back from Bruce and that will be discussed in due course. However tonight I wish to hold court on the whole injustice that seems to rock this world, girls. I get back from London and near enough go straight home, change and back out again to a Christmas party that I had cancelled my invite for. I do so because I get text message after message from a certain friend of mine asking if there is any way I can go, so I figure you know, for a friend I’d do the decent thing and show me face. Suited and booted I turn up, he sods off home barely saying two words to me and I am left watching very ugly people chat up very good looking people that they wouldn’t normally have a chance with, or people who think they are good looking and like the fact they have options and hotel rooms, and can charge wine to cards.  

Hint: Signing for a bottle of white wine and TWO glasses when most of the room has seen you round another person like the proverbial fly, IS NOT keeping the result of such attention secret. Everyone knows who it was! 

Which brings me on to another point, maybe it’s me being jealous because the woman who claims to be my girlfriend has shown NO interest in me since I have been away (is ‘Hello How R U’ that hard?) BUT 85 percent of the people who thought they were in with a chance with someone whom they worked with tonight already had girlfriends!> I would feel very un easy if I was taken and acted the way I saw people acting tonight, Christmas Party or not there are genuine people out there who wouldn’t dare to cheat on any other person once they were involved, and they always come out a distant second to the shitbags who are only after one thing and don’t care if you are already attached.  

Off to bed, all the best Moulty


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