Posted by: SM | December 19, 2007

Wherever I May Roam

Good morning campers and thanks for logging in.

We are excited today dear readers for today we go to that there London and see the ever brilliant Bruce Springsteen at the Millennium Tent. I did very well and you will all be proud, because I went out last night and stayed out longer that I planned to which meant that Emma was on my door step when I got back at 11 – whoops!

It will be nice to get away from the whole ‘Do I / Don’t I have a girlfriend?’ debate, it’s one that has been on my mind I must say. I do have a girlfriend until you add all these other points like meeting up with her, texting her and even talking to her regularly. At that point when you add all that up it seems I’m not so much involved as keeping my text message allocation from never carrying over to the next month. I know I know, she’s busy!

At some point this morning we will get going, or at least that is the plan. The driver is currently still in bed despite telling me she wanted to leave by 10am.

London, Baby! *Shithole*


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