Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

The Loved One

Here I sit about eight days away from Christmas and I finally think I’ve fallen into the trap of seeing it like just another day.

I’ve bought some presents, I need to buy more and there will be time to do that but when I look at what’s ahead I realise it’s all crammed into the space of two weeks. I have United on Sunday, work on Christmas Eve and then I’m back up the motorway some time after that for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then I’m working again pretty quickly after that. The frequent driver miles between Liverpool and Bury are going to count up!

I’m only in work for two days next week as Bruce is in London and it’s my duty to go and see him at the O2 arena. I do prefer the summer dates when Bruce seems to remember that England doesn’t stop when you go out of London, the summer dates for next year see him in Manchester.

Have I mentioned that I hate Christmas shopping? I’m on board with the meanings of it and the family time that I get and how it’s a buzz to give presents and the feeling you get when they like what you bought but you can keep the bit before that. The bit where you’re freezing your arse off in a city centre and you seem to have every single pensioner in front of you and they feel the need to stop every 2 seconds and think about whether to go into a shop or not. I should be allowed to run them over!

I’ve said this before, old people should be content with online shopping and staying in their houses because they um and ah their way and prevent normal sane people from getting presents that they have no money for, for people that probably will just exchange what you get after the big day anyway.

On the subject of presents, I’ve searched all over for one of them for my parents. They better had bloody like it and if not, I want them to fake it ‘til I have gone! Daniel’s present is also very mega…so much so I feel the need to ‘test’ it before Christmas Day!

I reckon I should buy my own presents next year, this year I’ve seen loads of stuff that would be great for me!

All the best




  1. Hi Si, I’m liking the new site, WordPress eh. Anyway I just came in to have a look and to wish you and your family a merry christmas, blah blah blah. Take care mate and get shitfaced, I know I will.

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