Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Soothe My Soul Eggsactly

April 9th 2007

Well in the best weekend stakes I believe mine could have been worse. I could have been Satan’s butt monkey as he played scrabble with Saddam, but in real human terms my weekend was a complete and utter washout. All because I had nothing to do, I couldn’t visit my mum and dad because of work and all that so I am making up for it tonight when I shall break free of this National Health coloured crap-hole and experience freedom for a night and day. My lent ended on Easter Sunday and I had nothing to break it with so I’ve had to wait until today to eat my first bit of chocolate in a while. Imagine all the American chocolate covered treats that Charlotte has been keeping away all this time, she can bring them in now…HINT.

My football team continues to make hard going of winning this trophy but I’m incredibly geared up for Tuesday’s trip to Old Trafford. I’ll be singing my lungs out with my Dad and I’ll drag all the other wheelchair wonders slurring and dribbling, into the loudest European night ever. I sincerely hope we give those Roma halfwits a game.

I have no idea what tonight and tomorrow holds, I do know what I’d like to be holding. A Thornton’s Special Toffee Easter Egg with my name in icing, it’s all about the Thornton’s! All the other easter eggs that people buy for me, don’t bother, seriously, PLEASE. I just feel far more fatter and uglier as a result of having to eat all the chocolate when in all seriousness the only egg I ever look for is the Thornton’s. Nobody ever takes me seriously, everyone in every year has been all “Oh we got you one coz we couldn’t leave you out!” No, please DO. Leave me out! I know the people that love me, love me, I don’t need a buy one get one free Cadbury’s egg to know that. I do appreciate the ones that come with mugs but you don’t seem to get those anymore and if you do, those have been missing from my collection.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Easter. It’s the church’s New Year and has always been about new beginnings and I’ll admit to all that I am partial, that’s on the spiritual side. I like the one or two eggs I look forward to each year, because they mean something, because it’s tradition,  but I’m too old to find a whole pile of chocolate exciting now (can’t believe I said that but hopefully you all know what I mean). Give me my Thornton’s any day but don’t think you have to foist an egg on me because buying 5 was cheaper than 4 and you had one extra and you couldn’t think of anyone else.

PS. Dad usually buys them ones off me anyway!

Loads of love to everyone!



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