Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Selling My Nanna’s Last Water Tablet

Feb 6 2007

Good morning you lot.

The interview for Quality Specialist came and went yesterday. I prepared as much as I could, had different examples to answer the questions I knew they would ask me, examples of a time when I felt under pressure, give feedback that people didn’t agree with, that kind of thing. The other part of the two and a half hour thing was to look at a spreadsheet, work out averages of scores and then note any patterns you see. This is because if I am successful I will have to report such patterns to team leaders. I have to tell you, when she said work out averages I thought to myself “this is it then. You are fcked, young man. You and maths eh?” and that blue little gremlin thing in the adverts came out and played a game of cards with my subconcious as they both laughed at the idea of maths being done. Then, I asked the question. “Am I expected to know how to do all these sums?” No, was the answer I was hoping for and thankfully that was the one that came. She told me and I was away then, putting numbers in, noticing patterns. All those years of playing football or hockey games on my PS2 and making leagues up I was used to noticing patterns for useless reasons, such and such has a good home record and always score in the third period, that kind of thing.

The second part of the assesment was a coaching session on an e-mail that an editor had written. All the points were marked out on the paper and I had ten minutes to work out how to coach her through this and see if I could spot any more mistakes. I remembered the tips a friend had given about never telling them they had made mistakes, always asking questions around the point you are trying to make. Damn it if the pretend editor didn’t make it very hard for me, I had all the avenues worked out – “Are you happy with the response, do you feel you answered the question?” and more and it was very tricky to get her to go in a certain direction but I think that part of it went as well as it could have done. For all the twists and turns she sent me on, I did the best I could.

The interview part was last and I remembered examples from all the way through my working ‘career’ and we laughed. Today is the day I find out if I am switching teams and gaining promotion. I’ve been through both emotions, last night I felt that I had done enough and if that was good enough then so be it but also if it wasn’t then also I’d be fine with that too. This will obviously change if the job isn’t mine we will see how I feel then but at the moment and certainly last night the fear was huge within me that I may actually have to do the job, scary and true, if I did enough to prove to them that I was the right candidate. At times yesterday even before the interview I didn’t want it and I wanted instead to pull out and remain in my current job with what I knew and the people I liked but I came to the conclusion that it would do me good to test myself out of my comfort zone. I also thought that I had worked here longer than most people and this was the first time I had gone for promotion.

Still I can’t lie, right now as I sit here in work at a supid time, I don’t know which way I want the decision to go.

All I do know is that I want a cup of coffee from a nice coffee shop and would sell one of my Nanna’s water tablets to get one! That thought isn’t as ‘orrible as it sound you know because my Nanna loves me and would gladly give me her water tablet to sell, from her big handbag full of drugs.

Peace, love and Soul



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