Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

‘Only Just’ is Cold Comfort

Feb 6 2007

Good evening and welcome to the third update of the day, like all trilogies the third is a bit of a let down as I have to say that I didn’t get either of the jobs I applied for. So this is partly to vent my spleen and partly so that I don’t have to answer any of the questions that people will have tomorrow about this. 

How did it go?

I was told that my interview was extremely strong and my answers to the questions displayed an awful lot of preparation and research. I clearly looked at what was expected and tied it into the arena of Quality that I was applying for, I used past experiences and told of what the conclusion to such examples was, who was happy with the results? What did they say? This part of my application was extremely strong she was at pains to tell me that I had played a part in making the choice an extremely hard one.

She went on to tell me that although the analysis of statistics was not completed, had I done so I was showing signs that I would have found the patterns they were looking for in this area. On the third area of the role play giving feedback to an editor, I used good examples and questioned my way through the task but I could have taken it a little bit further instead of moving the session on, I could have and should have plugged for more information. All in all this was very strong but this was the area that the person that beat me to the job, did slightly better than myself.

How do I feel?

Well and truly gutted. The fact that she was astounded by the quality of my interview shows that I was correct to put the effort in that I did, and the advice that I got from friends beforehand worked. I absolutely tried my hardest to get this new job and I am very very upset not to get it. The fact that I appear to have missed out on a point of ticking one less box than my oponent, is no great comfort to me at all. Telling me that I was as close as I was and not successfull is a punch in the bollocks that is extremely hard to take….


Straight after finishing this feedback session I was taken to one side and told that my other application was unsuccessful too! Apparently they didn’t expect such a high standard, and as a result they came up with more criteria this morning as a way to cut the list down further. I was informed that the new criteria were attendance (mine was 100%), quality scores (mine were always 100%) and productivity (how many ads done in a day etc). This was “slightly lower than we’d like” so on this occasion I have not been considered for the next level of assesment.

About this, and therefore about the afternoon’s results as a whole, I feel so deflated I cannot tell you. To go and do your best and to miss out is hard to take but it’s okay on one level because there really is nothing more I could have done. To be told about the other job, that I was not even considered because my productivity was ‘slightly lower’ is a major ball ache because you can bet your life that if my productivity had been “slightly higher” the quality of those ads may have been lower so I STILL wouldn’t have got through.

When your manager says he almost didn’t approve your application because of the low productivity, it’s hard. When he says that he eventually did approve it because he had been impressed by my improvement in productivity to such a great level, it’s great. When they then invent this a benchmark to get rid of people and all of a sudden you’re knocked back again…well, you get the picture.

It’s always hard when you go for something with all that you have and you are told that in the final analysis you didn’t measure up. “Only just” is absolutely no comfort whatsoever.

End of story.



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