Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu

January 26th 2007

When we all jumped aboard the good ship Employment for the job I’m in at the moment, we were all in the same boat and thrown into the campaign to be Editorial agents. Nothing like this had been attempted in the company and we were going to be the first office in Britain to do it. All very exciting, we’d have to learn to swim while we were in the actual pool, so to speak. Quickly within the campaign, before any real work had come in for us to do, they advertised for people to apply for Level 2 Editors. The timing was weird, no real editorial work had come in yet and here they were asking for people to be promoted. I didn’t and one of my best mates (the infamous Pearl Jam one) did. Fast forward a few months and he’s going for all the jobs in the company almost, I remember working with him and another friend as they both went for the same job. Six months later and the two jobs that came up almost on day one for Quality and Level Two Editor have come up again and there is less fear in me this time so I have decided to apply for both. Sod it! Throw caution to the wind and all that. It’s deja wotsit.

My problem is at times I think the area I’m working in now (Editorial Level 1) is the best one, work, chat, listen to music and all that. If I take a chance and that changes it may not be for the better and the things that I like about the job may not be there anymore. What results then is an unhappy Sazmo and we’ve done that before, I have bought that t-shirt and I don’t like wearing it anymore. Plus sides, I have knowledge of both jobs and I think I could do both jobs, they are both more money and are a step up the ladder but it’s one thing applying for a job and it’s another thing dealing with the reality that you would have to do it if you were successful in that application.

Another one of my problems is that I tend to over think things like this, weigh up good versus bad and pros versus cons until I’m unconfident in myself and back out of the whole process. I’ve never been one to back out of anything at all, I genuinely felt that last time the chances came too early and there were enough reasons not to go for it. This time the signs are that I would be an idiot not to put my hat into the ring. Giving it a go, never minding the results, that seems to be the way to go with this. I remember in one of my pieces for Mancunia I wrote that Man United needed to go into a certain game judging it only on the 90 minutes and not on what it meant for the future (the title race, etc). I think I need to apply that to this, if I take the whole thing as two applications nothing more nothing less, and try not to concentrate on the what if’s, then it’s easy. Two bits of paper, given to the right people with all the right things on ‘em, and it’s done.

Friends and colleagues tell me to go for it. I figure if I can get both applications done by close of business today that will put it to bed and I won’t have to think about it too much.

Overcomplicating matters comes from all that “what if” bollocks that gets in the way of just taking a chance. It’s not like I’m applying for the Prime Minister’s job (that’s already going to Gordon). If you ask ‘what if’ too much in life you would end up doing nothing. Sitting in your arm chair with the curtains closed with a cat and Jeremy Kyle’s TV show for company, only rising from your chair to heat your pot noodle and your baked bean sarnie. It’s a bloody job application. If I do well I do, if not, it’s okay. We’ll continue to have the ball that we are meant to have in this life and carry on regardless.

I get the feeling I’ve been here before and I have, let’s take a different road this time and see where we end up shall we?

Philpott’s Phriday is in full effect – Hot Smoked Salmon & Prawns with Chilli & Semi dried Tomato Mayonnaise –

All the best, Moulty


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