Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Music When You’re Drunk

June 6 2007

Anyone out there reading this during a quiet moment (HA!) in their extremely busy work day will I am sure be familiar with this question. It is one that has plagued me every time I go out, I hardly ever drink. I only have a wine at Christmas, champagne at weddings…

On the odd occasion I have let a drink pass my lips I’m amazed how cosmically beautiful even the most questionable music becomes. I was at my local recently specifically to put this to the test, drinking many drinks to be able to answer this question. I was congratulating myself on placing myself on the one table that is equidistant from the bar to the jukebox when I suddenly got the urge to hear some choons. My selection, for those that are interested, remains the same at all times. Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection, Oasis – Sunday Morning Call, The Ordinary Boys – Boys Will Be Boys and a random choice usually between Ian Brown, Oasis, The Killers etc etc

Oh my God the moons were aligning, it was class. I really believed I was on another planet and as my waitress walked past me pulling her face at ‘the same selections…again!’ I also noticed a guy who had a true beer goggles moment and was playing some killer air drums during the instrumental gold that is I Am The Resurrection. I had helped myself to several more drinks by the time Stop Crying Your Heart Out came on and this was followed by Sunday Morning Call. It was most definitely a “thank God music exists’ moment. The music you hear when you are hammered in a pub, really does sound unquestionably better than anything else in the world….EVER.

As did the man who shall remain nameless but in my mind he is a LEGEND because once again when I was out drinking recently The Stone Roses came on and there was one of those ‘this sounds ACE’ moments going on where you know you are in the minority and not everyone will view this song in the pure gold way that you do but you don’t care because all you’ve got is John Squires melody and Reni’s drum’s going through you.

All that and I have not even included the time when one of my mates proceeded to do the Birkenhead dance (in Bury of all places), out in the street just because he had heard the beginning of the choon ‘Zombie Nation’. All I saw was that he stopped, turned his head slightly and uttered “Ohhhhhhh, mate!” He then stacked the plates and demonstrated heavy shopping as he delivered the Birkenhead dance to a bewildered Bury town centre.

Music, man, thank God we’ve got the music. Great when your sober, mind-blowing when you’re drunk.


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