Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Freedom to Scratch

April 5 2007 

Here’s the update that’s new and improved for all former and current people, for all the people that think I am not talking to them and want them to sod off, I don’t. I’ve just not had time to stop I’ve been working like a J…erm, no, I won’t…

Easter holidays are weird. Thursdays are Fridays, Sundays are Saturdays and Tuesdays are Mondays. The afternoon has gone very slowly, painfully slowly in fact where the most important thing up for discussion is whether they make apple juice out of both red and green apples, or if there is a red apple variety or whether it always has to be green. And another thing, why is it okay for green grapes to be called white but green apples are called green?

I really want to end this week with a drink but everyone’s not going out or if they are I’m not invited. Ah well, I get to see my mum and dad and my Daniel on Tuesday before I go off to the battle at the Theatre of Dreams. United versus Roma part two. Interesting game right there you know. In my opinion, events like the fans and the police at last night’s game are always going to happen. Because of past events English supporters are always going to be dealt with by a very heavy hand and with more success and more English teams going further in the competition we have more incidents of heavy handed police treatment. There is something that other countries don’t seem to like about English clubs doing well in Europe, maybe they want to divide the glories between themselves but the facts are that once again English clubs have made it to the latter stages.

The return leg will be interesting and while I am not sure we can stop them scoring, we can win the game and progress.

Only a few days remain in the Lent Fast, we’ll be literally thanking God when the chocolate and the sweets flow again, chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate sprinkles? Can you buy them? I wonder. My days at the moment remain chocolate-less and my offer of alchohol and football (Everton, tomorrow night) has been passed over in favour of ‘this is the last time we’ll see each other for ages’ sex. Can’t say I blame the person in question! Add to that the fact that another friend of mine is currently living it large in Valencia, threatening to send pictures of beer and sunshine back via his mobile, and I really could go off some people. Nah, not really, it’s just making me wish I could get away for a bit, spend some days in the sunsheeyine!

Home I go, to no-one and nothing but the freedom to watch crap TV and scratch!

Wishing you all a happy Easter and a great three days off.


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