Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Definitely Maybe Drunk Part One

June 15th 2007

Good evening dear readers and welcome once again to Given to Fly, although I’d very much like to name this instalment of the adventures, Given to Drink. Although I am home early, because I needed a pee and was in a totally inaccessible sh..ockingly appointed beer establishment, a good time was had and a few Jack’s were drunk – not as many as I would have liked but that’s for sometime soon.

In a few minutes I will make the call to my kebab house who will rush my either a Sazmo Special (meat calzone) or a kebab with garlic mayo and lettuce. I’ve made a half arse attempt at the call my mum dreads when I go out on Friday, the one where I ring her pissed and tell her that I love her and that I’m having a kebab and will it make me ugly and fat (if you know me you know all this…)

I’m not smashed, I am well oiled. Home earilier than I’d like but off to London on Monday with a mate of mine. We are going to have such a good time, despite the fact that London and I don’t get on. I’ve seen many a person go down there the most normal of people and come back very up themselves, I also got told for years that people in London spoke the proper English, with an ‘r’ in everything; barth, etc. I’m from Bury, many people are. There is a big list of the famous ones on Wiki and I go them sometimes and work out which I know of, one day I will be on that list. Not for being some blonde tart with her baps out, but for doing something that I want to do. Although praise be where praise is due, the ones that hang around with their baps out are very good at that particular career path. I’m not even pissed enough to fall down in the bathroom and fall asleep there. In fact I’m going to be completely sober and removed of the little bit of drunkenness I do possess by the time I even order my kebab. This my friends, is an abomination.

Farewell to Andy, who is off to Sweden on Wednesday. The number of people that I know in Sweden just increased by one, to one! I know of the Soundtrack of Our Lives from Sweden and I know Andy Bell the bass player from Oasis lives in Sweden and I know that Marcus Naslund is Swedish but I know NONE of those personally so they don’t count. As a counter balance to Andy’s offski to Sweden, the list of the people currently above me at work, whom make me annoyed to be below them in the pyramid, just increased. However, it should be noted that I like my job despite the fact that I do not want to do it forever!

Quick! To the kebab mobile, away!

My drunken lement song ‘Sunday Morning Call’ by Oasis, will be played at some point.

Laters, fine people and to my Daniel who is reading this, I’ll catch you in about 2 seconds on messenger…

Simon x


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