Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Good afternoon friends, enemies, people and bears

In work today while the rest of my team are on their day off, the intentions of today were good at the start. Go in, work the two hours I took off on Thursday to go to the doctors, but time is getting on and I am yet to log in and actually record any work activity for the day. The chance of my two hours coming from today are dwindling because I am having too much fun sitting her poodling about on the internet and listening to my fellow work people arguing over the grammatical legitimacy over certain advertising sentences.

The debate surrounded the sentence “Low cost flights fly…”, one half of the all seeing all knowing L2’s did a great demonstration about how you don’t go “oh look at that flight” when you see an airplane, he did arm movements and pointing motions as well. For a minute you really believed there was a plane flying over his head, he really sold it. It is, as he argued, planes that fly and flights are instead specific to those planes (Flight 215 to New York, etc) The man and legend behind such literrary masterpieces as his work on “Adult Content” in advertising then pulled up the quote from Mr Chomsky that heads this entry. On one level it seems an utterly stupid senseless sentence but everything grammatically is in it’s place so from an English point of view, you can’t touch it.

The ad was not allowed in the end and my friend and noted scholar did a hop and a dance back to his desk. By the way, in case you were wondering. Flights depart, planes fly. Editorial agents around the office once again safe in the knowlege that there are such people in the world to go to any lengths to get a descion on an advert.

In other news, today begins the countdown to the Team 4 Birthday Night for yours truly, except many are coming and not all are from Team 4. We have looked at the sandwiches on offer from the very nice and exceedingly good sarnie maker Philpotts and as luck would have it on Friday they have the best sandwich of the week so they will be getting a visit from us.

Anyway, everyone is under orders to have a great weekend. Bosses are in town next week so we have been ordered to adopt a sense of professionalism. Have fun, and if you don’t, at least make the television shows you watch good ones, Corrynation Street and such like will only rot your mind. Watch Soapstar Superstar instead, or Celebritity Big Brother…

Hasta la bye bye



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