Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Caught Beneath the Landslide

May 10th 2007

Good afternoon people and welcome once again to the heart of the empire here on ‘Given to Fly’. 

You find your host sandwiched between last weekend which was most enjoyable on a football level, and this coming weekend which will be once again enjoyable on a football level. On other levels I have the chance to go to see my family for a few days, celebrate our Daniel’s birthday and see my football team claim our trophy back. Top days ahead, and top days planned ahead of those, when I stop to think of the team nights out planned and also the European Cup Final night, when of course I shall be supporting AC Milan.

My groceries seem to be lasting a long time, maybe because in one massive cook-off I made and froze one giant vegetable stir fry so all I have to do is add fresh chicken or noodles, and I’ll stop before I lose the entire readership of this page – I am not, after all, named Charlotte Beneli. She can talk about food and all the crap that goes well with it, she can write a list of everything in her freezer for her own use, and it still seems interesting. I’ll leave her to it.

I have been wondering about a lot of things recently and once I did I began to realise that there was a great deal going on while I was in the middle. Friends of mine are making huge choices about directions and the lack thereof and I do feel a huge responsibility as friend and confidante, to help this person as I would anyone else. It’s a fine line between giving yourself as a listening post and sticking your nose in to their business. When you least want them to it seems as if everyone around you has an opinion, and you run the risk that by not giving your opinion, it seems as if you don’t care. I may not know much but I do know this – that which ever decision anyone ever makes, they have to make it for themselves and themselves only. Making choices for other people will eventually end badly, sooner or later. It seems to me that you can only live with a choice fully and completely, when you are satisfied that you have made it yourself. It doesn’t even have to be the right choice, it may still be the wrong one, mistakes happen, and I am not talking about avoiding those, just making sure that you can live happily with whichever direction you take.

At the end of the day this person could make a choice that they are not totally happy with, for the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few after all, (thanks Spock).

In the meantime while there is the in-between bit of will they wont they, my job is to remain a friend and keep all of my friends’ heads above water and keep myself and them from being caught beneath the landslide.

“Strange days indeed”



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