Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch

March 14th 2007

Good evening people and thanks for logging on to once again where the fun is. I’ve been working like a mad man the last few weeks and between things I can actually say that I have myself something which can loosely be regarded as a life. Despite what some people reading this will say to me very soon, I am a happy chappy at the moment and all on Planet Sazmo is exceedingly good. The boring reasons are there of course, I’ve been given a permanent contract now at work which means that my probation has finished and the rolling contract begins, the rolling contract is made for me of course and will soon be trademarked and owned by Moultymedia. Other reasons are for me and me alone. For those reading this that’s a big nah nah nah nah to you! 

I do wonder if there is any justice still in this place, certain other people that I could mention are still in the same job, despite what can only be described as a questionable attitude to this place, and the parks and green areas of our fair city. Nature is your friend and the wildlife of Liverpool should not be exposed to such things!

But, it takes every kind of people to make the world go round, even tosserific folk like the one I am referring to. 

I’m thinking of celebrating my good news with the purchase of an uber-fan Buffy / Angel boxset of the whole complete series’. This is not cut and dried as I have all of Angel and all but three of Buffy and to pay for the next three in the collection I would have to pay 90 Engllish pounds, as the complete uber-fan collection of all the series is 120 English pounds I think it makes more sense to sell the individual series and then buy the complete lots. Make sense? I think a trip to eBay is a must. Watched Angel again over the weekend, sorry to sound like someone else who posts on LJ but at least I’m not talking food. I’m up to series 3 which is cool coz that’s when AA comes into being and she can make the worst TV show on earth watchable.

And all that Buffy/Angel shite from a man who laughed uncontrollably when he was reminded that his mother is a member of Stargate Fan Club and gets a DVD of that show every two weeks, probably forever. I know that’s a secret but it’s not as if I told everyone my mum’s a Donny Osmand and is a fully signed up member of now is it?

Rock on, all of you!


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