Posted by: SM | December 16, 2007


November 17th 2007

By the end of the week one of my best mates will have processed his last rejection, closed his folder and will be in the process of getting well and truly hammered before waltzing off into the Spanish sunset.

Thanks to a largely unpredicted food and drink extravaganza last night I now have a much clearer view of my world. I know that I’m not going to get any further in the job I have. There are people that are important to the running of the campaign and when they announce they are leaving, every effort will be made to make sure they stay in the company elsewhere. That won’t happen for me, despite many efforts I am now ready to accept that there is a road block in the way of any progression I may make.

Unfortunately for others as well, the other thing that is clearer in my head is that it’s a big world out there and I am more certain than ever that next year will be the year I go and see a lot of it. It’s a little bizarre I don’t mind admitting, because everyone else seems to have thought that I was sticking around in Liverpool for 2008 and the Capital of Culture, and that may have been true but now that it is just around the corner people just seem to have realised that it may not be all that, and certainly not worth sticking around for.

I’m not making plans to leave Liverpool, and I’m not making plans to leave work but next year I will be most certainly open to both things happening.

Sometimes life makes things possible. The fact that everybody that knows everything about me is now making plans to move on, would seem to me to be a clear road sign that I should be thinking the same. It’s natural.

I’m not going to argue with Mother Nature, I’m quite happy to be nature’s bitch!

Strap yourself in kiddies, this week is interesting! Wicked interested!



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