Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

Will The Last One To Leave…

October 31st 2006 

They pick me up twice a day six days a week, most weeks in the year. Sometimes I’m a bit of an idiot and I stay and do over time and forget to call and cancel. They let me have both barrels down the phone when I do mess up like this, so I try not to. They also mess up on several occasions, yet I do not say anything because they control 1,500 cabs in the city centre and the nearest rival ‘Davey Liver cabs’ has about two black cabs…hopefully you see why it’s not a good idea to piss them off.

Last night was ‘Mischief Night’ in Liverpool. A night when little sods here think it’s funny to egg vehicles and busses and stuff. You can’t get a cab for love nor money, so you just laugh. However, tonight I am still waiting for my cab and I’m still told, “can’t get one to you yet, soon as possible, top priority”. Frankly they could shovel it on. I have been told everything tonight from “Not many drivers come out on halloween” to “They thought you wouldn’t still be there”. With the greatest respect where they hell else am I going to be. Guys in wheelchairs can’t exactly thumb a ride, and we’d look funny if we tried. So I’m just going to sit here slowly getting more and more hack-neyd off and laugh at the irony of being lied to on the phone while I sit in an empty call centre office.

In other news the job descision has torn me apart. I never put much thought into what I would feel when the result was announced, I just tried to be there for both and never looked further than that. I didn’ even have a favourite, I refused to think about it and figured it would all be taken care of. It has. I’m elated and gutted at exactly the same time in equal measures. Which makes me doubt how much of a friend I have been to both throughout this weird time – it looked as if I couldn’t get excited about Charlotte’s good news and it’s not that at all – selfishly I was thinking that I wouldn’t be sitting next to her anymore and I was also gutted for my equally best mate who didn’t get the job. Anyway, more will be written about that I’m sure. Being there for both parties is hard, plays havoc with your emotions too coz you try and be up for the winner and down for the loser within minutes of eachother. Weird. Hence me wanting to get home sometime before I draw my pension. It’s a very surreal thing, I’m literally the only one here on the 4th floor of our office. If there is a fire alarm I’m screwed.

The name of the cab firm is Mersey Cabs, got that people, Mersey Cabs. Nice people, I mean that well and truly, but when it goes wrong it’s messed up big style.

I wouldn’t mind but as I write it’s 7:15 and at exactly this time in the morning I will be back here again.

Peace, love and soul. Well done Charlotte!


Current Location: Work. That’s Work. Not home!


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