Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

They Ain’t Got Dosh So They Won’t Read This!

December 28th 2006

Good afternoon and a wonderful time to you all

I have to warn you dear readers, family and colleagues and friends I have had a few drinks. Enough to know what I am writing but not enough to care if I post it or not. Fantastic, the rest of this should be worth a read. My mum, who is more pissed than me is telling me how to make a foil bag and cook salmon and wine with salt and a  bit of pepper.I am shite at taking in notes like this so I wrote it here in an effort to remember it. Oven 190 for approx 20 mins.

We spent the afternoon in O’Neils bitchin about the other side of the family. As the ‘snobs’ of the family we get shunned for party invites and because the other side of the family have my cousins who both by now must av had a football team between them both. They do not one shot of work and get Mr Blair and his government to pay the rest, well because there are a few of us in the family that don’t do that we are called the ‘posh side of the family’. Here is my apology, I love my family. I love my Mum and my Dad even though at the moment he is a little annoyed at us getting him to pick us up from the pub and instead having another drink and not getting in his car. I like the fact that I know the difference between proper champagne and shite that you get from a box, I am extremely proud of my brother and his desire to get dressed in nothing but labelled gear. I love the bones of all of them. The other side of the family complain about us, our tastes and the fact that we actually love our nanna and visit or call her regularly, if this is the dark side then so be it., 

I live in Liverpool, call my nanna regularly and visit her when I’m in Bury. The other side of the family live virtually around the corner from her and see her a total of nil times. I love that woman and the fact that she knows it fills me with great pride, I am not just some name on a card that she can read or somewhere to go against my will. When me and the ex were together we even stopped off in Bury on our way through to Manchester to see her in her residential home because we knew that my mum and dad were away. Believe me, if they ever get the address to this site and read this I will be in trouble but they wont so I’m okay.

Family is the people that you can’t choose to be with, unlike friends. You are with them until the Good Lord says otherwise and it’s made so much easier if you love being with them. My Dad, I love to bits, my Mum I’ve just spent the last few hours having drinks with and although she can get pissed after two glasses of wine I love her to bits. Daniel, despite him not liking anything without Mackenzie, Timberland or Cabrinni labels, is a sound lad and a pleasure to be around except for when he’s not!

Anyhow I’m off for the evening now so smoke ’em if you got ’em and you don’t have to log elsewhere but you can’t stay here.

Peace, Si


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