Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

The Voodoo That I Do Do

December 8th 2006

A big loud hello and good morning to everyone unlucky enough to be reading this journal right now. Some of you have ads, some of you are in classes, some of you just have twenty four hour internet and can read stuff at all times of the day and night.

It was the office Christmas do last night and so I may ramble. I’m not one bit hung over despite the many many free drink vouchers that kept being handed to me. It’s weird to see people that you work with trying to look hot, people go to these things feeling like Casanova and end up like David Brent making an absolute tit of himself on the dancefloor having been knocked back by some girl he works with. The night was okay, my mates would tell you they have the social skills of a matchbox in the rain, but I was hard core and stayed until the last minute possible. Only a few times did I employ the silent ‘Parkinson fake laugh’, where you look like your in hysterics but you don’t make a sound. The buffet was not a buffet, it was a Christmas dinner with the world’s biggest yorkshire pud (which someone offered money for). The singer was a shining star at corporate gigs, singing all the songs you know and none you don’t.

There were many that I remember. Some dude that I kept bumping or wheeling into all night at various times, I had no idea he worked in the same room as I, girls that couldn’t hold their wine were plenty and I danced many many times. To be honest, I have to be very very drunk or incredibly happy to be un-self concious enough to dance very well. Before I get to that point the dance that people get from me is basically me sitting there and people wiggling my arms for me and stuff – not the best. For anyone interested, take note. The way to dance with me is to take the for a sit down, although this usually involves one or both of us to be quite drunk but the chance is there, I do have a chair after all. Someone out there last night had the right idea. When we pass eachother in the corridor I will smile my smile and on we go.

As usual as long as I get put in the taxi by someone at the end of the night, I am a happy boy. Things might just take a little bit longer to work out, it might take you longer to count the change or find your keys but at least I collapsed in a sleep knowing that I didn’t dance on any tables and if I kissed anyone, it was because they kissed me first. You are getting no more information.

Have a great day!

Peace, Love, Soul!



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