Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

The Fit Willow Lesbian Thing

 30th October 2006

Good evening friends and thanks for logging in.

I liked the picture enough to feature it here. Anyone who has any knowledge of computers knows what it’s like to have them or the system you work on every single day crash…

The late night office is something very very calming which few get to experience because they are all off before the ink is dry on their sign out sheets. I’m one of the last ones here and I’m in reflective mood so let’s see where it takes us shall we. One thing I learnt today now that those two are through their respective interviews and I’m all out of friend karma for one day, is that I cannot be trusted with cufflinks. For some reason they bloody break, and never both, it’s always only one that breaks and means that I cannot wear them again. It’s either the decorate bit or the flippy bit (technical term) underneath that you thread through the holes. Bloody annoying too, so if anyone out there is reading this that buys me Christmas presents, no more cufflinks PLEASE!

It’s my own fault really, it is. I was sat in the toilet (not actually in it…) where some of the most inspirational thoughts have been concocted and I was thinking “I did a really good thing today being there for my friends like that” before I knew it the Karma Gods were on my back and breaking my cufflink. At this point I thought “I’m going to have to clip it with a paper clip” (mentioning no names) but gladly I didn’t as it was right at the end of the day and I’m not arsed about it.

Frankly the fact that I am in over time mode at all is brilliant. Amazon will have delivered the last installments of ‘Angel’ series to my house so I could be watching them or Buffy the Vampire Slayer but workhorse Simon is in full effect and I’m here obviously working hard (hence TWO entries in my journal). Buffy and Angel happened to me while I was unemployed, I needed something to watch that wasn’t Lorraine Kelly or Jez Kyle. For some reason I don’t get into things whilst they are on television and pick up on them years later. You are all thinking that the only reason to watch Buffy is Sarah Michelle wotsit, but nope. Right idea, wrong person. Willow is the women who stole my heart in an eye candy way, for one, she is cute and the second thing is she is a lesbian and has an equally fit girlfriend. On an entirely boring level the character Spike is really funny too, but mostly it’s the fit Willow lesbian thing.

To all have a great night and read more here and elsewhere tomorrow.

Peace love and soul


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