Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

Small Victories

 26th October 2006

Good morning friends and thanks for logging in,

Weirdness decends on our workplace today, feelings of resignation about things we cannot control and winds of change that unsettle some. At these points it is important to remain grounded, turn the music up louder and let the problems that don’t concern you just wash over your head. It’s your job to be a friend but there are times when all the words in the world will not help either of you and times when you know which way something is going to go even if you don’t.

No-one gets out of bed intent on having a shitty day, the shitty days just choose you. Some are shittier than others and the less shitty ones are less shitty because of the things surrounding your day. In my case the work is not the thing, the people that I work with and the little events that go on are what makes the job worth doing. This may not be the best job in the world but it’s certainly the most relaxed and stress free I have been whilst doing anything. People notice too, when you are happier you show it without even having to show it. Call it intuition or whatever but there were enough people around months back to tell me when my head looked as if it was too full and in trouble. If that taught me anuthing it is really corny to speak of but it was that you can’t worry about anything too much without making it a massive issue.

Massive issues exist in the world without your own issues joining the list. Smiling through the majority of your day is a cause of celebration in your own head, certainly in mine. Even on the days where the smiles are harder to find I know that they will turn up eventually, and that without so much as a worry, things will work out if they are meant to.

If I’m coming over all chilled and spiritual I’m sorry, religion is not something I stick down people’s throats but in my eyes it never hurts to have someone mega in your corner. You have to go into small battles everyday. In a working week when I come through the same door at the same time every morning when the same cleaner is working on the same part of the floor and gives me the same ‘Good morning’, I get to my desk at the same time and I click the same buttons and anticipate the same technical difficulties, you have to take a victory when you can.

Moments of fun, victories, however small. Fill your day with loads of ’em. Give yourself the best, the world will take care of the rest.

Aside thought though, it never hurts to want to kick the shit out of your computer though. Steam should be let off, after all.

Peace, love and sandwich man



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