Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

Sing A New Song Chicken Tikka

December 15th 2006

Good afternoon friends and thanks for logging on, workmates, nosey buggers, family, etc etc. Your presence on SazmoWorld is greatly appreciated, I never knew that I could influence many people (well, two or three at least).

In work today on my day off, it may sound mad but I had to come in for Secret Santa stuff and I had to collect some of my christmas presents for others, delivered happily from the folks at Amazon. There is a real End Of Term feeling around here today, not just because I am not doing anywork, but also because we finally have tinsel up in our office and if only for a few days we can feel Christmassy.

My Daniel is coming this weekend (pictured – right), so all the bad influences will continue, beer, pizza, Christmas shopping, it should be good. He enjoys it when he comes over for the weekend. I reckon our Christmas shopping will be over pretty quickly because of the lack of a woman involved this year. In previous years I have had to be dragged from shop to shop to look at things which might be okay to give as presents, we’d go all over the place and spend hours looking and then we would return to the first place we went to and buy that. All the time you’re stuck in some God awful shop that you wouldn’t be seen dead in other than at this time of year, and you stand there like an idiot looking at all the other blokes who are going through the same conversations with their significant others… All you want them to do is just buy something, anything so that you can get home and out of the cold. This year none of that has come my way, it’s been straight in, out and home because men seem to have a different view when it comes to shopping. Go to the shop you want to buy from, buy it, leave. Some shopping around is allowed but personally I just go where I need to and then get out as quickly as I can. This is partly because pedestrians are stupid at the best of times but they have a labotomy when it comes to Christmas shopping, they are ruder, meaner and generally a bigger pain in the arse than at any other time of year. Frequently I am heading in one direction and I have been swamped by people cutting through and darting into my path, usually I take the high road and move out of the way but sometimes it happens far too much and there is nothing more satisfying that absolutely caining the back of someone’s ankles because she has been a selfish cow and thought she could keep getting in your way. You absolutely ram the bejesus out of these people and then they turn around and look at you and THEY apologise! It’s the funniest thing and it always happens, no guilt whatsoever! 

It’s worse, and therefore on some levels, better when Daniel is in charge, he cares less than I do. He just checks the number of points awarded for each catergory of pedestrian, and off he goes. 

In case you were wondering…

10 points for OAP with walking frame

8 points for OAP

5 Man or woman getting in your way

Have a great night, a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back next week to let you know how it’s all going!

Peace, Love and sponsored Christmas entertainment.


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