Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

I’m Mee I’m Now an That’s Orl

 2nd December 2006

There has been a weird atmosphere at work over the past few days, people going for assessments and being binned off after being unsuccessful. We have endured something of a cull and the casualties are having an impact. As with everything you have those you get on with and those you are professional towards but nothing more, a few good men have gone and frankly also a few that had outstayed their welcome. It just goes to show how life works, one day you are writing how much you hate your job and you are being screwed out of this and that and the next that very same company is kicking you out without so much as a fond farewell. This is the way of the world I guess and whether personal favourites are lucky enough to have their jobs or they are the ones out of here I can empathise with both groups. Some of the people that lost their jobs have worked with me; I knew them, liked them and think their loss is a shame. Is this a time for all that ‘life moves on’ stuff about windows and doors closing and opening or whatever? Probably not. In the harsh light of day the individual people will be doing that for themselves. I know one thing, people everywhere may complain about their jobs but most of them wouldn’t be without them. Personally speaking, I like the job that I do and the people I work with and I think the next few weeks will be interesting.

Life is not so much finding the answers, as it is about asking the right questions and never stopping. Once you have found all the answers, it’s game over. Think of life as singing. Singing one note only becomes just noise after a while, notes either side of it that make it into a tune. We listen for what comes before and what comes after. Moments in life are the same thing, in isolation they are out of context; it is what we do before and after that shows we are living. When bad things happen what to we do next?

Some people will now have to ask that question for themselves, and then work out the answers.

Peace love and master plans.



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