Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

I Thought That The Major Was a Little Lady Suffragette

November 16th 2006

Some bloke I used to know at school has had his memory jogged as to my identity and is now honoured to be one of only two people I am currently in any kind of contact with from Wardle. I know it’s not right for every situation and sometimes fate deals you a crappy hand but it seems like the best thing to do is leave places and establish yourself somewhere brand new, if you don’t you will end up living in Wardle village a stones throw away from the school you couldn’t stand while you were there, or even worse, running the village chippy and bragging that you are made for life.

Not me for, that, I broke free of both small towns that had me once and I made the best choice ever in staying in Liverpool. If you go to Uni or even if you don’t but you have the chance to break out of whichever small town it is that holds you, do it. It gives you a whole new perspective on life if you ever need to go back for any reason.

Having said that there is a lot to be said for patterns, routines and such. I haven’t been to our family Church in Bury for a while but when I was back I used to go and something occured to me. I seemed to resent (even just a little) the fact that the place was small and the people used to sit in the same place, turn round at the same time and make the same comments. It was like we would leave our lives at one particular time and pick them up from that point a week later. I used to hate that, thought the town was small and the Church was smaller and that if I had to answer one more question about how well I was looking or how Uni was going I would die or they would first. Now I like that place, make no mistake the Church is small and the town is smaller but I like that now. I appreciate the Church that the family go to if only because it’s taken me years to find another that even half as much, I now work Sundays so that’s that. Finding a Vicar that I can trust as much as the family one in Bury is a non-starter, no-one else can write so much tosh and make it sound so memorable and informed at the same time.

You spend half of your life getting out of your hometown and the rest of your life trying to get back every so often. I coulldn’t live there full time at the moment but it’s always good to go back and re-connect or whatever. I’ll quit now before I sound even more cliched.



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