Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

For Those About to Rock

30th October 2006

Good morning friends and thanks for logging in…

Well this is the day that we have all been looking forward to, and hoping to book off as holiday (if you are me) for the last few weeks. D Day, people in suits you never thought would wear suits, former rebels against the machine are now formal in their attempts to climb up the ladder. I kid, of course. Everyone in their right mind wants to progress further in the job they are in and this can only be a good thing. It dawned on me that that throughout my ‘super-friend to all’ bit, I hadn’t wished either of them good luck.

Well consider that changed. I wish you both good luck, you know who you are. Go to your corners and come out fighting, in your varied proffesional looking attires. I don’t want to have to interview new members for our triangle, a few days ago named the Potter triangle by a colleague…very funny when you think of it. But I am not interviewing new members and I helped you both equally so the rest is up to you, leave it all there today and then all you can do is await developments.

For those about to interview, we salute you!

Peace, love and good luck to both of you!


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