Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

Duvet? No! It’s Christmas

Christmas Day 2006

Good evening friends and thanks for logging in on this Christmas Day. 

I hope everyone around there reading this right now is enjoying their own version of the day to the most perfect degree. Coming back here for the first time in ages and celebrating with the family has been great so far. I warn you now, today is going to be full of those “isn’t life wonderful” observations but it’s not to rub anyone’s face in it. Christmas  Day can be a weird animal. All that planning and everyone expecting the fun time that we all want it to be that sometimes it isn’t. If you get it right it’s all your favourite people in one room, stuffing the turkey and then themselves, not quite managing to have the Christmas pudding, missing Her Madge on the telly and wondering just who bumped off Tom King on Emmerdale. My bet is on a hired assasin hired by her that would have been his wife. 

Daniel said he would wake me up early, his threat was empty as he was as dead to the world as I was this morning and it took Mum and Dad to come in and announce the morning before either of us stirred. Today being a family day we had to go and see our Nanna in her Rest-home away from home, she goes there to give respite to my Mum and Dad when they are away and can’t go round to check on her and stuff but she really likes going there and is happy as a pig in muck. She has developed something of a gang, an OAP Mafia if you will. Her presents this year were a duffle coat (edge of fashion) and a big stylish bag so that, in her words “I can fit all my drugs in there when I go away”. As if the Pensioner Gang isn’t too hilarious she has to go and add to the picture. Now I can’t think of my little old Nanna laughing away, moaning about her hip, legs and back or whatever, without also thinking of her with a big bag of meds and a queue of people waiting to buy. Reg – who apparently is a bit of a character, forever opening the doors for the staff to go for a fag (Nanna ‘has words’ with him and all of a sudden the door is shut and the ten thousand heating systems in that place go back to work) – would be the first to buy off Nanna the dealer. We soon left Nanna to her bingo, pills and Christmas lunch and went back home to enjoy the rest of our day.

Enjoyable it was too, I write this page on what is my Christmas present, a laptop which at the moment is thriving under wireless environments but when I get back to Liverpool I guess I will have to look for someone elses wireless signal and use there’s…loads of people live in my block, they can’t all have password protected wireless internet.

I make no excuses for going on about how good this day has been for me. Whatever you have done with the day and whoever you spent it with I hope you have all had the Christmas Day you would have wanted. Not everyone will have done which is why I know that Daniel and I have been incredibly lucky.  Right then, enough of that schmaltzy tosh. Because I was going to be here my parents managed to fob our other, slightly madder, Nanna off onto the other side of the family but it turns out that they were taking the opportunity to enjoy an emptier Christmas without relatives too and she spent some of Christmas Day on her own. As if that isn’t the biggest kick in the bollocks ever. We get rid of any guilt we have by spending time with her tomorrow when she comes round in her mad but we love her kind of way. If you have old aged family, you’ll understand. If you don’t, how did you get rid of them! 

In all seriousness, Merry Christmas everyone.


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