Posted by: SM | December 15, 2007

Cheeses of Nazareth

Christmas Eve 2006 

Good evening friends and thanks for logging on on this Christmas Eve.

I forgot what a topsy turvey time it was being back with my family. It is at once the most enjoyable, crazy, up and down time wrapped in one bundle. I am enjoying every second of it but I have been spending the first few days trying to work out my place in the whole thing. Most of the time it’s the most natural thing in the world and takes no effort at all but then something happens that is normal for everyone around me that I am not used to and you start thinking if it’s happening because you being back has upset the apple cart and people are not getting as much attention as they would do if you were away from here. Apologies for the inward thinking bollocks. 

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, my Mum and Dad have cleared their diaries and kept visitors to a minimum so that we can enjoy being together just the four of us, for the first time in a few years. Everyone in the world deserves to feel as wanted and loved as I do at this very moment and the fact that not everyone does is exactly why I treasure it. For the past four or five years someone very special to me (then) decided to revive a traddition I told them of and buy me a specific present, an annual. Not much of a present in terms of finance but it meant the world to me because it continued something that my Mum and Dad got me when I was a lot younger. I was in Bury town centre today and happened to tell my brother that because of the circumstances I probably wasn’t going to get the present this year because the infamous person was no longer really a part of my life. I carried on talking about this, as silly as it was to talk about a cartoon annual when you are 24 years old, and Daniel said that he would like to carry on pattern and buy this years’ book. Once again I know how seemingly small and insignificant the book but the fact that he wanted to carry it on meant everything to me and I was so happy. Before the moment got too mushy it was defused by a classic moment from our Daniel, “Besides, it means I’ll never be stuck for something to buy you at Christmas ever again!” I think he knows that it means a lot to me, as it did when the previous purchaser got it for me also. It’s nice that someone special is picking up the batton and I won’t have to go to bargain buckets and buy it for 99p in the new year just to complete my collection.

I know I’ve probably opened up myself to ridicule from a lot of people that know me and read this stuff but I don’t care. He’s cool and he has been as long as I have been a fan or whatever I am. He’s mega old and I don’t have near as many annuals as I should because there was a gap there where no-one bought them for me so it’s nowhere near a complete collection but that’s okay because I have no intention of selling them or any of the other stuff I have. As long as I going on about this I may as well go the whole nine yards and explain where it all started. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I had a friend who I used to play with and every time I went round to his house I’d pick up his Rupert Bear teddy and he wouldn’t see it again until I left. To cut a long and sad story short the friend in question died and for my fifth birthday I found amongst my presents the very same Rupert Bear wrapped up, mine to keep. His mum had decided that it should go to me now that my friend was away. Every single moment since then, that bear has been part of everything I have done. Not in any weird way at all, I went through all the usual stuff when I was younger, my mum had to set an extra place for him at breakfast and all that stuff. Until my brother came along I was an only child so my imagination was well formed and always buzzing. That Bear must be the most well travelled Celebri-teddy in the world. He came with me to PGL in primary school, Prague in high school, he sat on my bed all through University (well, until he was asked to sit on the floor and face the wall when other people were sat on my bed…). People have been entertained by him, asked questions about him, even paid no attention to him and sat on him completely oblivious to the fact that he was even there. My God, he’s had to haev my Mum put so many bandages on him when I was younger. He was always hurting whatever I had hurt on myself and needed a patch or a bandage on the same places I did. Quite frankly he was a clumsy bear and should have been taken off me!

The Bear is still with me, he would have been (and will be) invited to my wedding if me and the lady in question got that far. He would have been sat on the main table throughout the wedding do and either people would have asked why or people would have got it straight away and no explanation would be nessecary. So there. If that’s a weird thing to do, it’s weird and laugh all you want. People at work can and will tease me about it if they read this I guess and I didn’t even know it would come up in this entry but there you go.

I’m just looking after him for my friend, I wouldn’t have been much of one if I hadn’t taken him in and show him a bit of the world while he was under my care. My friend, I’m sure, wouldn’t have it any other way.

God Bless 


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